Private copy remuneration

A vital remuneration for music producers and the main funding source for culture in France

What is Private Copy?

Private Copy is a remuneration that phonogram or music video producers receive. It is deducted at source from manufacturers and importers of recording media (cell phones, tablets, boxes, decoders, USB keys, etc.) in accordance with regulatory rates adopted by the administrative commission of Article L. 311-5 of the French Intellectual Property Code and published in the JOFR.

These sums are intended to compensate for the prejudice suffered by right holders due to the loss of earnings resulting from copies made by individuals for free for their private use and made from a legal source.

Private Copy is part of the “neighboring rights” whose management is up to the Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) in application of the Intellectual Property Code.

How does it work?

The collection of Private Copy is ensured by COPIE FRANCE: for sound, 50% of the sums collected are paid back to authors, 25% respectively to performers and phonogram producers, while for audiovisual, 33.33% are paid back respectively to authors, performers, and audiovisual producers.

In application of the Intellectual Property Code, the SPPF allocates 25% of the sums it receives to cultural and general interest actions.

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For further information, view COPIE PRIVÉE and COPIE FRANCE websites

Advantages of collective management of your rights by the SPPF

The collective management of rights was implemented by the SPPF from the outset regarding television channels for the broadcasting of music videos and was extended to phonograms for their use, within the framework of the production of background music and telephone on-hold music and in the field of simultaneous and integral cable retransmission.

1 Facilitate the user/producer relationship

2 Boost your musical productions’ visibility

3 Simplify the management of your rights

4 Guarantee the respect of your recordings

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