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Membership committee

June 21
Deadline for submission – June 14
Deadline for submission – June 14
July 26
Deadline for submission – July 19
Deadline for submission – July 19
Sept. 13
Deadline for submission – September 6
Deadline for submission – September 6
Oct. 18
Deadline submission – October 10
Deadline submission – October 10

Who can become an SPPF member?

  • Any phonogram and/or music video producer, French or foreign, natural, or legal person,
  • Any license holder performing effective activities as such on the national territory, subject to producing a specific manager’s mandate for similar rights from the producers.

You must provide evidence of a minimum of 5 different recordings (i.e., 5 different titles, which excludes versions, edit, remix, etc. for phonograms).

Once member, the producer entrusts SPPF with exclusive mandate to manage his rights to remuneration for phonograms declared within the SPPF Corporate Register (i.e., Private Copy and Equitable Remuneration).

This compulsory mandate is part of the adherence to the SPPF’s Status.

To become a member, the producer must complete, approve, date, paraph and sign the Declaration of adhesion to the SPPF’s Status. He must also sign two compulsory mandates: one regarding phonogram producers’ remuneration rights and one regarding the right to authorize the full simultaneous cable retransmission, without making any changes to their phonograms and/or to their music videos.

Any legal person must sign a form designating an individual person to represent the legal entity for all contacts with the SPPF.

What are members’ duties?

To carry out its missions of perception and distribution, the SPPF must have a minimum amount of information and documentation from its associates who have entrusted a management mandate.

Phonograms and music videos must be declared to the SPPF Corporate Register, as well as sales (physical and/or digital). Those are compulsory formalities to completed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the SPPF would not be unable to carry out the processing necessary for the distribution process enabling the calculation of your rights.

Which documents are necessary to apply?

  • Company identification certificate dated within the last 3 months or any other equivalent document or, for associations, a declaration certificate at the local Préfecture and the Official Journal publication (for legal persons only) or a certificate of nationality (for one-person limited liability undertakings only),

  • A copy of a valid ID card or passport (for natural persons only),

  • A transfer of 153 euros representing the producer’s share of the social capital by means of the RIB of the SPPF that the membership service will send you by e-mail,

  • Declaration of at least 5 recordings (phonograms and/or music videos) over which you do have the rights on French territory,

  • Copy of contracts justifying the source of the rights: a copy of the artist’s contract and the distribution contract (physical or digital) or the license contract for phonograms and a copy of the contract of realization for music videos,

  • Your Bank Account Details,

Once your application is complete, it will be submitted to the SPPF’s Administration Board, which meets approximately every month and is empowered to approve or reject your application. The membership department will confirm your membership by mail and will send you your certificate of contribution to the share capital.

Membership File

Download the file and send it to the following address:

Service des adhésions
63, boulevard Haussmann
75008 PARIS

Application steps


Download the membership file


Print out the mandates


Complete, date and sign every document


Mail the completed documents

Need some advice?

Do not hesitate to contact us directly for any further information.

The SPPF phonograms department is at your disposal to assist you in your membership process.


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