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By Independents for Independents

The SPPF was created in 1986 by several independent labels wishing to develop musical diversity in France, to support musical independence, creativity and freedom of production. Through their involvement, they were able to create the conditions allowing all the Independent Labels to preserve and control the collective management of their neighboring rights within a “common house”. It collects and distributes the neighboring rights of Independant Producers only, whether French or foreign, whatever kind of music they are producing. 

Today, the values that founded the SPPF can be found in its approach and support, entirely dedicated to Independent Labels and their needs. The diversity of the musical repertoire that we manage and that of the independent companies (VSBs, SMEs and artist-producer) that we represent reflect the SPPF DNA. We strive to create the conditions allowing you to develop and preserve your freedom to produce and your capacity to take risks in order to maintain a rich, varied and always renewed independent musical production, and to remain master of your rights’ management. 

A structure that unites us

The SPPF is a place of meetings, exchanges and observation of the world of the independent musical production, which is in permanent mutation.

We are mobilizing to promote the voice of all the Independent Producers, in particular with cultural and economic institutions and public authorities on national and European levels. We invest in collective actions to support your activity.

The SPPF is a place of reflection on the future of the profession of phonogram producer:  we support you towards the new forms of production and exploitation of your recordings which upset the management of your rights as Producers.



A close follow-up to its associates

The SPPF is always on the lookout for new developments in the music production industry. We lead debates, organize meetings and participate in key events in the industry to develop and promote independent music production in all its forms.
We value the work of all producers, whatever their size. Our objective is to make the music alive in all its diversity. Thus, we accompany you through councils, meetings, collective actions and by concluding formal  partnerships with broadcasters to support a better exposure of the musical productions of the Independent Labels.
At the service of Independent Producers, we allow you to manage your activity with more serenity, by having access to appropriate answers to the common problems faced by the music production sector and we contribute to develop a richness in exchanges.

For us, being independent is essential.

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