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Here you will find information and services for the use of sound recording and music videos for television, telephone on-hold music, background music for public places…

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SPPF’s catalog

Nearly 5 million sound recordings (phonograms/titles) and 30,000 music videos from more than 2 280 independent music producers.

We advise and accompany you

The SPPF has developed the voluntary collective management of the right to authorize producers of phonograms and/or music videos for certain categories of users who make massive use of recorded music.

In concrete terms, it covers exploitations that producers cannot control and for which they cannot exercise their exclusive right individually.

Provided on the basis of the optional mandates that are entrusted to it, the collective management is implemented by the SPPF with suppliers of background music programs, suppliers and end users of telephone on-hold music, websites proposing the listening of phonogram extracts, broadcasters of music videos, podcasting services, etc.

The SPPF proposes to conclude general contracts of common interest which allow you to use more easily the phonograms and/or the music videos, without having to ask individually to each producer for his authorization and negotiate the remuneration.

The SPPF informs you about the ecosystem of the collective management of neighboring rights; it helps you, advises you and accompanies you in your steps:

  • To search for titles or independent music producers for uses that the SPPF does not manage,
  • To direct you, if necessary, towards other collective rights management organization

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